Fall 2018 teaching:


Previously taught courses:

MA 141 Calculus I
MA 225 Foundations of Advanced Mathematics
MA 231 Calculus for Life and Management Sciences B
MA 302 Applications and Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
MA 405 Introduction to Linear Algebra and Matrices
MA 407 Introduction to Modern Algebra
MA 520 Linear Algebra
MA 522 Introduction to Computer Algebra
MA 526 Algebraic geometry
MA 722 Computer Algebra II
MA 792K Special Topics in Computer Algebra

Graduate Students:

Erik Skau, graduated with a Ph.D., Spring 2017, (co-advised by Hamid Krim)
Thesis: Relaxations to Sparse Optimization Problems and Applications

Tulay Ayyildiz Akoglu, graduated with a Ph.D., Summer 2016(co-advised by Jon Hauenstein)
Thesis: Certifying Solutions of Polynomial Systems over Q

Itnuit Janovitz Freireich, graduated with a Ph.D., Summer 2008.
Thesis: Computation of the Exact and Approximate Radicals of Ideals: Techniques Based on Matrices of Traces, Moment Matrices and Bezoutians

Mark Sciabica, graduated with a Masters degree, Fall 2006.
Thesis: A Comparative Analysis of a New Algorithm for Solving Overconstrained Polynomial Systems.